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enrichment/parent education classes

One of NEST’s main goals is to make life easier and better for parents. Our children’s enrichment classes are designed to offer parents support and educational materials while also creating time for play with your little ones. We offer tips and techniques for new and tenured parents, lively discussions, and visits from local early childhood education experts. Kids will also love the incorporated songs, movement activities, story time and art projects.

Hatchlings (Newborn to 6 Months)
As a new parent, life can seem overwhelming. At Hatchlings, new parents can come to connect, learn, share and offer support. We’ll discuss topics like adjusting to parenthood, changes in relationships, infant development, sleep, and so much more! Special guests will join us throughout the session to help guide us in discussions and lessons on topics like baby yoga, sleep training, and baby sign language. Come learn tips and tricks to make parenting easier, discover new resources, and bond with fellow parents.

Movers & Crawlers Club (6 to 12 Months)
Serving as both a parent support meeting and a playgroup, this class focuses on providing both enrichment materials for parents as well as lots of movement for your little one on the go. We’ll discuss topics pertinent to your newly active child such as setting limits, child proofing, weaning, and more. Classes will also include engaging sensory activities for your little ones like learning sign language and making their own snacks.

Toddlers in Training (12 to 18 Months)
Your curious toddler will love exploring through play in this 90-minute class filled with movement, stories, and discussion. We’ll start with lots of fun movement activities before venturing into music, story time, and snack time. Local specialists will join us throughout the semester to lead discussions on developmental topics including socialization, weaning, and nutrition.

Professional Toddlers (18 Months to 2 Years)
Our pre-cursor class to Preschool Bound, in Professional Toddlers your little one will build confidence and independence as they are introduced to new big kid activities like puzzles, reading independently, and building with Playdoh. Each week, our Professional Toddlers will help bake their own snack, complete a craft project, and participate in teacher-led movement activities that will help prepare them for preschool. While your child explores new activities, parents will also explore new discussion topics with visiting local specialists like potty training, language and motor development, and how to find the right preschool.

Second Time Around (6 Weeks to 12 Months)
As your family grows, so do the challenges! This community class is designed to help experienced parents conquer all the changes and challenges that come with having a second child. We’ll discuss topics like sibling relationships, time management, and how to anticipate the needs of both your children.

Preschool Bound (2 to 3.5 Years)
It’s hard to believe your big kid is almost Preschool Bound! Join us from 1 to 5 days a week, as we focus on preparing your child socially, emotionally, and educationally for preschool. This 2 hour class will continue to encourage your child’s love of learning through play and preschool-aged activities. We’ll also work on skills that will be important as they enter school like letters and counting. Our wonderful educators will help your child and you overcome separation anxiety through a gentle separation plan personally created for your individual child. Preschool Bound will help your little one build confidence, adapt to independent learning, and develop good learning habits through music, story time, dancing, art, and more. Discounts are available for those enrolled in multiple days.

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